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Experienced Family Law Trial Counsel to Co-Counsel Cases for Trial or Provide Local Counsel for Out-of-State Family Law Attorney

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Is your client’s case complicated? Do you believe it is now heading to trial and you did not think it would head that direction when you took on the case? In some situations, it is best for your client to refer their complicated case to an attorney who devotes their career to family law issues, including contested litigation and trial. In other situations, lawyers will elect to ask our office to assist in a co-counseling role. Sometimes that involves a lawyer who lacks the experience or skill to take a complicated case to trial, in other situations, that involves our office assisting because a lawyer who feels inexperienced with the particular trial judge or circuit court where a case is pending. Whatever your client’s situation, if it involves a trial in Kansas or Missouri, our office would be honored to discuss how we could get involved to assist a colleague in meeting a client’s needs.

Many lawyers take on cases with the understanding that they will resolve through settlement, or even the belief that with some experienced efforts, the case can be resolved through settlement. In other cases, there is so much work in preparing for a trial that it seems an impossible task without a co-counsel- someone to partner with you, to share in the work load. Whatever your situation, our office would be honored to collaborate with you to meet the needs of your client. Our office is experienced and skilled in preparing to examine and cross-examine expert witnesses, complex or adverse witnesses, preparing appropriate exhibits, organizing trial files and boxes, creating exhibit lists, among other necessary step in preparing for a trial.

Why Should You Partner With Pingel Family Law to serve your client?

Mandee Pingel has almost twenty years trying complex family law cases. I love the courtroom. Of course, I greatly enjoy working with many clients to settle cases, but I have a passion for being in the courtroom too. While many attorneys actively try to avoid the court room, I enjoy the process of reviewing evidence, developing strategy, preparing witness outlines and being prepared to succeed in trial.

Many law firms have collaborated with Pingel Family Law to address jurisdictional issues under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJEA), to prepare for and litigate cases or for a variety of other matters. If we decide to work together with one another, we can have as much or as little collaboration as you decide. You, as the lead counsel, are in charge. Some lawyers will choose to do more direct client communication while allowing our office to focus on preparing for and strategizing for the trial while other lawyers will ask that we take a more direct role in communicating with clients. Either way, when you involve our office, you remain in charge of what this collaboration looks like.

Being clear to opposing counsel that you are willing and ready to go to trial without fear of the trial often brings forth a much more reasonable settlement offer when the other side’s willingness to negotiate stalls.

How Do You Work with Our Office?

Send us an email! Our office email is It will be helpful if you will include some basic/summary information about the case and including the parties (to run a conflict check), the jurisdiction of the case (as we take cases all over Kansas and Missouri), the trial date (if one is scheduled) and opposing counsel. After reviewing the initial information, our office will be able to respond as to whether the trial date is available on our calendar and if so, to proceed with scheduling an exploratory call between counsel. The initial conference will be focused on how our office can add value to your case and the needs of the client.

Be A Part of Pingel Family Law’s Referral Network

At Pingel Family Law, we are passionate about bringing professionals together, collaborating with colleagues and being a resource for clients when they have a need for out of state or out of area counsel or other professionals. We are blessed to have many colleagues contact our office regularly and if you’re a skilled attorney and believe we could benefit from working together in some way, we would be honored to have you send our office an email to discuss ways we can partner with one another. We always appreciate the privilege of being able to refer a case to another professional.

Get Started!

If you believe we would be a good fit to work together on a case or for another purpose, send our office an email today at and we will respond. We often need referrals for the benefit of our clients in the areas of criminal defense, real estate, tax law, estate planning, probate, among other specialized areas of the law. We are anxiously anticipating hearing from you!