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Strategic Partnerships in A Kansas City Divorce

If you are going through a divorce and you have business valuation issue, complex assets, mental health issues to address from one or both parties (or the children) or the children involved have unique or special needs, it is highly likely that your case and situation will benefit from the assistance of other professionals who can help with a variety of specialized aspects of maximizing the opportunity for success in your case. Work with Pingel Family Law to allow our proven history of strategic partnerships with other professionals to work for and benefit your case. 

Many family law cases can benefit from the invaluable input and partnerships with other professionals who can help determine the value of property (specialized appraiser), analyze separate or non-marital and marital property, the extent of your debt, and help to locate hidden assets. Beyond financial considerations, other experts can help assess mental illnesses and how they touch and concern your case, particularly if there are child custody and parenting time considerations. Let our team help you complete the divorce process with grace and dignity, while we equip you with the crucial information you need to work toward planning your new life. The professionals at Pingel Family Law regularly have the privilege to work with the best in these fields and we can help you select the right professionals to collaborate and advocate for the needs of your case.

Some divorce or complex asset situations require experts to determine the value of your property, real estate, conduct a business valuation, consider future financial needs, ensure that you have access to health insurance or necessary health care, among other specific concerns in your case. We will work with our network of the best, most skilled and knowledgeable experts in their fields to get you the information you need to be well informed about settlement or presenting the evidence to the court, if needed. We have the privilege of working with experts we know and trust and more importantly, are respected by the court system, with experience testifying in court, and who can assist in obtaining the best result for you.

Pingel Family Law has strategic partnerships with many other professions to help assist you in your time of need. We routinely have the opportunity to work with accountants, financial planners, medical providers, mental health providers, mediators, and other experts in their fields to support you and provide the best outcome for you and your family and the future you are trying to build.

Some examples of the referrals we can  provide for a comprehensive divorce plan for your family’s needs include the following:

  • Accountants
  • Financial planners
  • Human resource experts
  • Appraisers (real estate, business, collectables, jewelry, classic/vintage cars, among other areas)
  • Insurance experts
  • Medical providers (doctors and nurses)
  • Mental health counselors (psychologists and psychiatrists)
  • Mediators
  • Tax preparers and tax analysts
  • Valuation experts (business, compensation, retirement, future income streams)
  • Divorce coaches and divorce planning experts

These expert resources, along with other experts in their fields, will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for your family at the time your family needs the best.

Our team at Pingel Family Law, a premier litigation firm, can assist you with finding the right professional for your situation and ensure that you receive the best services that will work collaboratively for your case. Call an attorney at Pingel Family Law today at (816) 208-8130 to learn more about the impactful role these strategic partnerships can play in giving you the best possible outcome in your divorce process.


"I have known Attorney Pingel for more than fifteen (15) years. Mandee is a lawyer I consider a respected colleague. She has a reputation for being intelligent, knowledgeable about the law, well-prepared and kind."

- A Lawyer in Liberty, Missouri