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A protective order is a court order issued by a judge to limit specific actions on the part of an abuser. These are often referred to as restraining orders. There are different types of protective orders for those who have been the victim of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, or sexual abuse. 

A protective order can:

  • Order the attacker to refrain from hurting or harassing a family member or dating partner
  • Order an attacker to vacate the family home
  • Order an attacker to cease contact with a family member or dating partner (and/or their children) at home, work, school, daycare, or places that they frequent
  • Order child support and medical support
  • Set up child visitation rules and conditions
  • Order an abuser’s participation in an anger management program or substance abuse program
  • Order an abuser to undergo drug testing
  • Prohibit an abuser from carrying a gun

To obtain a protective order, you will have to show the judge that your abuser engaged in family or dating violence, stalking, or sexual abuse and that such behavior could continue. We can help. Our legal team is willing to do whatever is in our power to stop domestic violence and abuse in the Kansas City area. 

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What Is Domestic Violence (DV) in Missouri?

Under Missouri and most state laws, domestic violence is a crime that takes place between individuals who live and/or have a child together, such as partners, spouses, ex-spouses, relatives, caregivers, and even roommates. 

Domestic violence is a serious issue that goes far beyond an argument, discipline, or your typical marital bickering. DV is a form of physical and or mental abuse used as a means to control or intimidate the victim—and it is illegal. Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence can be perpetrated or experienced by a person of any gender, class, and background. 

An act of domestic violence may include:

  • Financial abuse (controlling or restricting access to money)
  • Isolating someone from their friends and family
  • Kidnapping or false imprisonment
  • Physical assault or battery
  • Sexual assault or battery
  • Stalking or monitoring communication
  • Verbal abuse (blame, coercion, threats)
  • Withholding medical help or assistive devices

Legal action against a perpetrator of DV may be possible if a person has reasonable cause to believe that they are in imminent danger and the court agrees that an immediate and present danger exists. Please do not hesitate to seek help if you can—you are always welcome to contact us even if you simply have questions or don’t know where else to start. 

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