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Each family has a unique dynamic. Consequently, child custody agreements can be difficult to negotiate. In addition to guiding you throughout the process, our child custody lawyer serving Kansas City can investigate you and your ex-spouse’s situation to ensure that all relevant information is presented before the courts. 

Like you, our goal is to help you achieve the child custody agreement that is right for you and your family. When you need an aggressive and effective advocate, our Kansas City child custody lawyers are here to help.

Our family law firm believes in always being available for our clients. For a confidential, no-obligation family law case consultation, call our child custody lawyer serving Kansas City at (816) 208-8130 or send us a message online

Factors That Determine Child Custody in Kansas City

When determining child custody, the court’s foremost concern is what will be in the best interest of the children in question. Unfortunately, when divorces become contentious, some parents in Kansas City, lose sight of this goal. 

When this happens, it is good to have an experienced family law attorney by your side, helping you fight to ensure your children have the stable, secure environment they need to thrive.

Some of the things the Kansas City court will examine when determining child custody include: 

  • Ages of the child
  • Any history of abuse or domestic violence
  • Any special needs of the child
  • Educational needs of the child
  • Living situation of both parents
  • The child’s preferences
  • The economic situation of both parents
  • The employment status of both parents

How to File for Custody of My Child in Kansas?

You must file a divorce, protection order, or parentage case in Kansas to decide on child custody issues. Typically, you can file any of these lawsuits in Jackson county or any county in Kansas City. However, if the other parent lives in a different county, you can also file the custody case in the county where they live.

Determining child custody can be a stressful process. Having an experienced family law lawyer serving Kansas City by your side can help you feel more confident in the courtroom.

Creating a Co-Parenting Plan

When it comes to child custody arrangements, it's important to consider the well-being and best interests of the child. One effective way to establish a positive co-parenting relationship is to create a detailed co-parenting plan. This plan outlines the responsibilities and schedules of each parent, as well as how decisions regarding the child's upbringing will be made.

Benefits of a co-parenting plan include:

  • Clear expectations for both parents
  • Reduced conflict and misunderstandings
  • Promotion of a stable and consistent environment for the child
  • Flexibility to accommodate changes in schedules or circumstances

Our experienced Kansas City child custody lawyers at Pingel Family Law can help you navigate the process of creating a co-parenting plan that prioritizes the well-being of your child and promotes a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Is Kansas a Mother State?

A mother has sole custodianship in Kansas when a child is born outside marriage. Nevertheless, a biological father has the legal right to seek child custody or visitation. As with all child custody decisions, the court will seek to promote the child's best interest.

According to Kan. Stat. Ann. § 23-3204, a judge must evaluate all appropriate evidence and all the best interest characteristics when deciding which parent should have custody.

Visitation Rights and Parenting Plans

When the Kansas City courts grant one sole parent custody, the judge will generally create a suitable parenting plan for the non-custodial parent and the child. 

For example, a usual plan usually has the child spending every other weekend, alternating holidays, half of the summer, and other school vacations with the non-custodial parent. Yet, parents need to comprehend that when the Kansas City courts make a visitation schedule, it's a minimum, not a maximum, amount of parenting time for the non-custodial parent. 

So, there's no time limit to the amount of time a non-custodial parent can spend with the child, but only if both parents agree.

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