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Kansas City Relief for Abuse Petition Lawyer

Transitional compensation is one of the many resources available to victims of domestic and financial abuse in the U.S. Legal assistance, the use of your company or organization’s financial relief aid (if applicable), and/or the help of a domestic violence group such as NNEDV can help you apply for transitional compensation and provide you helpful information on topics such as divorce. 

A relief for abuse petition attorney can also help you:

  • Arrange things like medical exams and court appearances
  • Develop a safety plan that will help you and your family feel safe
  • Find and seek housing in a safe house or shelter
  • Receive counseling and access other mental health resources
  • Seek additional resources to promote your safety and recovery

Fortunately, as a victim of domestic abuse you are not alone. There are numerous resources, organizations, and individuals who are here to help. Attorneys like Mandee Pingel are available to provide counsel and representation that will help you make the best decisions for you and your family and move on with your life. 

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Protecting Against Domestic & Financial Abuse 

Most people are familiar with the physical and mental toll abuse can take, but financial problems are common among victims of abuse as well. If your partner, relative, or roommate is controlling how your money is spent or accruing debts in your name, this is financial abuse. Sadly, financial abuse often makes it even harder for victims to get away from their abuser since they may not have the resources to secure their own transportation, medical care, or housing. 

While financial abuse can happen to anyone, certain events and situations can exacerbate the circumstances. For example, the coronavirus pandemic of 2019 and beyond has made almost everyone’s life more difficult, but victims of abuse have been among the most unfortunate. Things like quarantines, isolation, and social distancing can increase the power abusers have as well as grant them more opportunities to control their victims. 

Benefit Eligibility for Former Military Spouses

Additionally, the partners and relatives of military service members are often at a higher risk of financial abuse as well. The isolation military spouses and children experience can be more intense when living far away from extended family and close friends.

The United States military allows for the spouses of service members who have been abused and wish to leave their marriage to retain certain benefits that they received due to their partner’s military service. To be eligible for these benefits:

  • You must have been cohabitating with and married to the service member, and 
  • The service member must have been convicted of an abuse-related offense.

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