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Representation for Foster Parents

Foster parents often seek out representation when they reach a point of frustration with the progress (or lack of progress) occurring in a case. In many cases, due to high turnover of caseworkers and other staff, child in need of care cases can continue and drag on for many years before permanency plans are meaningfully sought. Often foster parents are the heroes who deal with a child following abuse and neglect, babies born into drug addiction and other difficult, if not almost impossible circumstances. Foster parent heroes often step in and work tirelessly to help children heal, get them healthy (mentally and physically) and meet the child’s needs. After caring for a child for many years, a foster parent can’t help but fall in love with the child as one of their own and desire a permanent, long-term placement.  

While the child in need of care court’s ultimate goal is to reintegrate a child into their biological home, many foster parents see the heartbreaking results of years of failed or minimal efforts by biological parents where it appears that the parent is not meaningfully trying to pursue reintegration. Often in this process, the foster parents desire to have representation to allow them to seek to move the case goals toward permanency so that the child can find a permanent home with the foster parents who love the child. If you are looking for representation to advocate, for the sake of the child, in seeking permanency for the child you love, we would be honored to help you navigate this difficult and legally technical process.  

In other circumstances, a foster parent or grandparent or relative placement has served the child for an extended period and a state agency may seek to remove the child from his or her placement prematurely, an action which you may believe will cause trauma or harm to the child involved. Depending on the length of the placement, the amount/level of bonding and other factors, you may be able to look to the court for relief from the child being removed from your home, if your legal advocate can convince the court that the best interests of the child will be served by continuing placement in your home. If you are a foster parent seeking help in working or collaborating with the Department for Children and Families (DCF) in Kansas, the Division of Family Services in Missouri, KVC Behavioral Health, Cornerstones of Care, the Court, or another state agency, Pingel Family Law can assist you to advocate for your rights. 

It is a privilege for our office to help foster parents, grandparents and other family members seek permanency through guardianship or adoption of children, during the process of, or after the natural parents’ rights are terminated. It is a complicated, arduous process and it is critical that each technical legal step be undertaken in a timely manner so that time is not exhausted. After an extended time, for many caregivers several years, of advocating for the child you love, it is crucial that you have the right advocate to wrap up the process to permanently protect the child.  


"I have known Attorney Pingel for more than fifteen (15) years. Mandee is a lawyer I consider a respected colleague. She has a reputation for being intelligent, knowledgeable about the law, well-prepared and kind."

- A Lawyer in Liberty, Missouri