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When You’re Divorcing: Does Your Attorney Have a Plan?

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The divorce process is scary, stressful, and can be exhausting, especially if you do not understand what is expected, what is anticipated, and what is to come. Having a knowledgeable, skilled family law attorney who can help ensure you have an opportunity for pre-divorce planning, is knowledgeable about laws and expectations to give you appropriate and timely advice, has capable negotiating skills, and can help you protect your rights is crucial to a positive outcome. Given that even some situations where the parties hope to and anticipate settling result in the necessity of a trial, it is also important that your divorce attorney is a knowledgeable and capable courtroom litigator, prepared to take your case to trial if needed.

Adequate Planning is Vital to a Successful Divorce Process

A divorce can be a difficult journey to navigate, but certainly, if you do not have a strategic plan with your divorce lawyer, it can make an already complicated, stressful, and painful process even more difficult. The concerns of time, emotional energy, and the costs of a divorce process are a concern for people going through the divorce process regardless of whether they are wealthy, of modest means, have children, or have only been married a brief time.

Our firm regularly enjoys the opportunity either through client’s research or as the result of referrals to have an opportunity to consult with clients while they are in the midst of their divorce proceedings. Often, in circumstances such as those, people feel lost, confused, and hopeless as a clear path and plan of action has not been laid out for them. It is important that your attorney starts the litigation process by ensuring that they understand your goals. If your attorney “thinks” you want to go in one direction and you actually feel strongly about going in a different direction, you are not going to be aligned from the outset. An absence of a clearly stated strategic divorce plan can create stressful emotional and financial difficulties in the divorce case process. Additionally, if you have children, at a time when your children most need to rely on you to be empowered, capable, and strong, you may be struggling unnecessarily if you do not have a strategic divorce plan.

How Do You Create Strategic Plans While Considering Budget and Time Needs?

A strategic plan, particularly if your divorce attorney works with you to create the plan from the beginning dramatically increases your chance to see the desired outcome to fruition. If, from the beginning, your family law attorney is working toward the goals and plans that you have laid out, you are more likely to get to that desired outcome than if your goals are only discussed at some point during the divorce case process.

At Pingel Family Law, we begin your case with an in-depth understanding of your client goals. Put our strategic planning, knowledge, and expertise to work for you in your divorce or family law case in Missouri or Kansas. Call us today to schedule your consultation at (816) 208-8130.