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New Year, New You: Is it Time to file for divorce or address other concerns with your current custody arrangement?

Divorce: Child covering ears with Santa hat as parents fight in the background

Many people elect to move forward with starting their divorce process or addressing long-standing child custody concerns in January. Why?

  1. Often people that have had concerns over the past few months elect to wait until after the holiday season. This often means that immediately following Halloween, people begin to anticipate the “holiday season” knowing that Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away and then Christmas shortly follows. Many families make holiday plans with extended family, have important holiday traditions, and otherwise anticipate holiday activities and family time. People often do not want to “cause waves” around the holidays.
  2. Some people anticipate using an end-of-the-year bonus or their tax filing in January to help their financial situation. For some, this means gathering the funds necessary to pay the first and last months’ rent to relocate their residence, for others this means having the funds to move forward with hiring legal representation.
  3. Many people use the new year, following the holidays to reflect on their life and make a fresh start to create a new life full of happiness so that they are not faced with the same unhappy situation they lived through the previous year.

Our Team is Prepared to Help You This Holiday Season

Whatever your situation may be, please know that we, at Pingel Family Law stand ready to help you. Also, our team prides itself on being creative strategists and thinkers. Just because you contact our office does not mean that you need to move forward with a divorce if that is not your ultimate goal.

For many families, we have the opportunity to help find creative mechanisms to allow a change in the status quo. Consult with one of our family law attorneys so we can discuss options and provide you with problem-solving strategies to change your unhappy situation.

Contact us at Pingel Family Law to allow us to be part of your New Year’s divorce plans at (816) 208-8130.