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The Pingel Family Law Team is Recognized for Excellence


“Don’t work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

While we, here at Pingel Family Law work tirelessly for the sake of our beloved clients and their families, it is humbling to be recognized by peer review groups, beyond our clients for the great work that we passionately engage in day in and day out! When we say “we”, we truly mean the amazing team that comes together to tirelessly advocate and pursue excellence on behalf of every single family we have the privilege of working with and for.

We’d like to say that there are some keys to success we could point to in being selected for these privileged awards however, we’d like to believe it’s as simple our firm’s simple commitment to caring about our clients on a daily basis and using our best skills and effort for each person we believe in! What an honor and privilege to be selected at Pingel Family Law for expertise awards in Best Family Lawyers in Kansas City for 2022 and Best Child Support Lawyers in Kansas City for 2022. Recognition like this certainly does not happen in a vacuum. The support and resources and endless hours that our entire team tirelessly devotes to our wonderful client’s cases at Pingel Family Law is the difference that sets our firm apart and allows us to achieve this kind of recognition. As we look forward to lots of successful outcomes in 2022, please join us in congratulating the entire team at Pingel Family Law for receiving this prestigious recognition.

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