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Modifying Child Custody and Support Orders: When and How in Kansas


Navigating through child custody and support agreements can be a challenging process for many parents. However, as life circumstances change, it becomes necessary to modify these agreements to ensure the best interests of the child are upheld.

Modifying a child custody arrangement can depend on factors like relocation, while child support payments could change due to shifting economic circumstances. It is important to recognize the need for modification and take the necessary steps before the problem becomes untenable for either party. Continue reading to learn when and how you should seek modification.

When to Modify Child Custody Agreement

Child custody agreements in Kansas may need modification due to several factors:

  • Change of School: If the child's school changes, it may necessitate an adjustment in the custody agreement to accommodate travel time or other related factors.
  • Change in Mental or Physical Health: If a significant change in the mental or physical health of either the child or a parent, a modification may be necessary to ensure the child's welfare.
  • Violation of a Current Order: If a parent violates the current custody order, it could be grounds for modifying the agreement.
  • The Child’s Preference: As a child matures, they may express a preference to spend more time with one parent over the other. This could warrant a modification of the custody agreement.
  • Change in Job Requirements or Responsibilities: Changes in a parent's job requirements or responsibilities, such as increased travel or shift work, may necessitate modification to meet the child's needs.

How to Modify Child Custody Agreement

In Kansas, if the parents cannot agree on a modification to the custody arrangement, they can petition the court for a modification. The court will then determine whether a modification is in the child's best interest before deciding to grant it.

When to Modify Child Support Agreement

Child support orders or agreements may also require modification due to various reasons:

  • Change in Custody: If there is a change in the custody of a child, it may precipitate a request for a change in the support agreement as the amount of time each parent provides for the child will have changed.
  • Change in Child Care Costs: As a child grows, the cost of caring for them may change. This could be due to decreased costs when caretakers are no longer needed or increased costs due to greater expenses for activities or educational needs.
  • Change in Income or Expenses of a Parent: A fluctuation in the income or expenses of a parent may necessitate a modification of the support order or agreement.

How to Modify Child Support Agreement

In Kansas, if a parent can no longer meet their support obligation, they can request a modification. Similarly, if either parent receives a substantial increase in income, their co-parent may request an increase in the support obligation. The court will assess whether the modification is in the child's best interest before deciding to grant it.

Remember, any modifications to child custody and support agreements should always aim to protect the child's best interests. It is advisable to seek legal counsel when considering these changes.

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